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Dog Ownership, Nutrition and Care: Getting a Dog

How to choose the right canine companion; facts about puppy stores, rescues, breeders; basic dog training, health, care and safety; choosing the right food for your dog; understanding dog food ingredient labels; behavior and training; giving up your dog.

Before you get a dog...

corgi on abandoned tracksAll dogs are not created equal. The health, temperament, and quality of your dog's life (and, by extension, yours!) can greatly depend on the source you get him/her from.


STEP 1: What dog should I get?

Start by researching the dog breeds -- check out the resources below!

STEP 2: Where should I buy my dog? What if I prefer to adopt one?

Buyer beware!! The following pages define, explain, and evaluate the most common sources for potential dog owners to seek out:

Finding the Right Breed

Here are some of the of the things to consider when you think of bringing a dog into your life:

  1. Temperament
  2. Grooming requirements
  3. Size and gender
  4. Activity level
  5. Health issues
  6. Ease of training
  7. Life expectancy


Dog Breed Selector

This is a nifty tool from the Animal Planet Channel website.

Dogs 101

Also from Animal Planet, this is an entertaining and educational show where each breed is featured. On this page you'll find video clips from different shows. 

The Right Dog For You

This page from the American Kennel Club is a trustworthy place to start researching the 160+ dog breeds to help you make an educated choice.

Note, however, that a breeder registered with the AKC does not necessarily fit the bill as a responsible breeder. No matter what breeder you are considering, please see the page on Dog Breeders to know how to screen breeders who are doing things right.

Dog Breed Books

Check out these books available at the Alvin Sherman Library!