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PSY 2406: Psychopharmacology

The subject guide to psychopharmacology provides information on resources available from the Alvin Sherman Library, both in the library and online, related to psychopharmacology including drug and drug therapy information.

Dr. Gonzalez Readings by Date Due

May 8, 2020

Robinson, D. L., Hermans, A., Seipel, A. T., & Wightman, R. M. (2008). Monitoring rapid chemical communication in the brainChemical Reviews108(7), 2554–2584.

May 15 & May 22, 2020

Rush A.J., Trivedi, M.H., Wisniewski, S.R., Nierenberg, A.A., Stewart, J.W., Warden, D., et al. (2006). Acute and longer-term outcomes in depressed outpatients requiring one or several treatment steps: A STAR*D reportAmerican Journal of Psychiatry, 163, 1905-1917.

Miller, B. R., & Hen, R. (2015). The current state of the neurogenic theory of depression and anxietyCurrent Opinion in Neurobiology30, 51-58.

Diaz Granados, N., Ibrahim, L., Brutsche, N., Ameli, R., Henter, I. D., Luckenbaugh, D. A., ... & Zarate Jr, C. A. (2010). Rapid resolution of suicidal ideation after a single infusion of an NMDA antagonist in patients with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry71(12), 1605.  Request through Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan

Spielmans, G. I., Berman, M. I., Linardatos, E., Rosenlicht, N. Z., Perry, A., & Tsai, A. C. (2013). Adjunctive atypical antipsychotic treatment for major depressive disorder: a meta-analysis of depression, quality of life, and safety outcomesPLoS medicine10(3), e1001403.

Cuijpers, P., Sijbrandij, M., Koole, S. L., Andersson, G., Beekman, A. T., & Reynolds, C. F. (2014). Adding psychotherapy to antidepressant medication in depression and anxiety disorders: A meta-analysisWorld Psychiatry13(1), 56-67.

May 29, 2020

Brunet A, Saumier D, Liu A, et al. (2018). Reduction of PTSD symptoms with pre-reactivation propranolol therapy: A randomized controlled trialAmerican Journal of Psychiatry, 175(5):427-433.

Guina, J., Rossetter, S. R., DeRHODES, B. J., Nahhas, R. W., & Welton, R. S. (2015). Benzodiazepines for PTSD: a systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Psychiatric Practice, 21(4), 281-303.

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Lewis, S., & Lieberman, J.A. (2008). CATIE and CUtLASS: Can we handle the truthThe British Journal of Psychiatry, 192,161-163.


June 5, 2020

Reus, V. I., Fochtmann, L. J., Eyler, A. E., Hilty, D. M., Horvitz-Lennon, M., Jibson, M. D., ... & Wills, C. D. (2016). The American Psychiatric Association practice guideline on the use of antipsychotics to treat agitation or psychosis in patients with dementiaAmerican Journal of Psychiatry173(5), 543-546.

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June 12, 2020

Ashok, A. H., Marques, T. R., Jauhar, S., Nour, M. M., Goodwin, G. M., Young, A. H., & Howes, O. D. (2017). The dopamine hypothesis of bipolar affective disorder: The state of the art and implications for treatmentMolecular Psychiatry22(5), 666.

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