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Health Law: Bioethics

This is for Health Law Master's students, JD students in Health Law seminar classes, and anyone else interested in Health Law.

Bioethics Resources

Idea Generation

Books We Have at NSU

Suggested Call Number Ranges

Law Library

KF 3821

Alvin Sherman or Health Professions Library

R724 (Medical Ethics)

QH332 (Bioethics)

BJ 37-68 (Ethics-Methodology-Relation to Other Topics)

Q175.35-175.37 (Science - Moral and Ethical Aspects)

Suggested Subject Headings

Bioethics Encyclopedias  

Bioethics Europe    

Bioethics Fiction  

Bioethics Government Policy United States  

Bioethics History  

Bioethics Indexes    

Bioethics Indexes Periodicals  

Bioethics Japan    

Bioethics Japan Congresses    

Bioethics Juvenile Fiction  

Bioethics Juvenile Literature    

Bioethics Methodology    

Bioethics Miscellanea  

Bioethics Periodicals  

Bioethics Philippines    

Bioethics Philosophy  

Bioethics Political Aspects    

Bioethics Political Aspects United States  

Bioethics Puerto Rico    

Bioethics Religious Aspects  

Bioethics Religious Aspects Catholic Church  

Bioethics Religious Aspects Christianity  

Bioethics Religious Aspects Hinduism  

Bioethics Religious Aspects Islam    

Bioethics Religious Aspects Judaism  

Bioethics Research  

Bioethics Research Case Studies  

Bioethics Study And Teaching  

Bioethics Subject Headings Periodicals      

Bioethics Terminology Periodicals      

Bioethics United States  

Bioethics United States Decision Making    

Bioethics United States History  

Bioethics United States Periodicals

Medical Ethics

Advertising Medicine  

Confidential communications Physicians  

Courts of honor  

Dental ethics  


Human experimentation in medicine  

Informed consent (Medical law)  

Medical records Access control  

Nursing ethics  

Pharmaceutical ethics  

Physicians Discipline  

Psychiatric ethics  

Social medicine 

Patients--Social conditions and Social aspects under individual diseases, e.g. Cancer--Patients--Social conditions; Cancer--Social aspects; and subdivision Social aspects under medical topics, e.g. Heart--Transplantation--Social aspects  

Surgeons Professional ethics