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Health Law: Current Issues/Choose a Topic

This is for Health Law Master's students, JD students in Health Law seminar classes, and anyone else interested in Health Law.

Where to find topics/articles

Think Tanks

Think tanks are a great place to find position papers and articles about topics relevant to health law.  While they are exclusively policy focused, they are a fantastic place to find new ideas.  To search all think tanks, try Harvard's Think Tank Search Engine

News and Blogs

While typically less comprehensive and vetted than law review and other journal articles, these are a great way to keep on the cutting edge of your topic.

Search Terms to Use to Find a Topic

   From the Pace Law Library, this is a list of suggested topics and subjects to use as search terms and keywords, and to help you identify a topic for your research.  Below is a list of sample topics.

·         Bioethics

·         Developmentally Disabled

·         Discrimination in Medical Care

·         Donation Of Organs Tissues Etc - Law And Legislation

·         Emergency Medical Services

·         Forensic Psychiatry

·         Health - Law and Legislation

·         Health Decision Making

·         Health Facilities - Law and Legislation

·         Health Insurance

·         Health Maintenance Organizations

·         Health Services Administration

·         Human Experimentation in Medicine

·         Informed Consent - Medical Law

·         Insanity (Law)

·         Insurance, Mental Health

·         Medical Care - Law and Legislation

·         Medical Laws and Legislation

·         Medical Personnel Malpractice

·         Medical Records - Law and Legislation

·         Medicare - Law and Legislation

·         Mental Illness

·         Mental Health - Laws and Legislation

·         Mental Health Facilities - Law and Legislation

·         Mental Health Personnel

·         Mentally Handicapped Children

·         Mentally Ill - Commitment and Detention

·         Mentally Ill Offenders

·         Physicians Malpractice

·         Psychiatric Hospitals - Admission and Discharge

·         Psychiatrists - Malpractice

·         Public Health Law

·         Right to Die - Law and Legislation

Research Guides for Common Research Areas