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Health Law: Home

This is for Health Law Master's students, JD students in Health Law seminar classes, and anyone else interested in Health Law.

Good Places to Start

This is a list of places to get started.  You can find more specific resources on the other tabs available in this library guide.

Tutorials on Health Law & Medical Research

Introduction to Health Law Research

Health law is a complex field that involves federal and state case law, government administrative agencies and organizations, regulations, and much overlap with the medical field. It would be most beneficial for any researcher to begin their research by using secondary resources to obtain a general understanding of background information, which will ultimately lead to the most relevant statutes, regulations and case law. You should start your research broadly, and gradually narrow down your topic.

Here are the Bloomberg, Lexis and Westlaw Databases we recommend for this topic:

Learn the Lingo

Health law has an incredible amount of difficult terminology that you may not have seen before.  Below are some resources to help you decipher what the experts are talking about.  


The following individuals contributed pages, text, or information to this library guide: Sylvia Cano, Natalie Greenberg, Amal Masri, Carolyn Brown, Becka Rich, and Mary Paige Smith.  Portions of the text are taken, with permission, from final projects for Advanced Legal Research.