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National Security Affairs

A library guide to help you find resources for national security affairs related topics.

Characteristics of a Scholarly Article

A scholarly journal is generally written by researchers to report the results of their research. Most library databases allow you to filter or narrow your results to scholarly articles. Common characteristics of a scholarly article are:

  1.  Author & Audience - Scholarly articles are written by experts for experts.
  2. Purpose - Scholarly articles are written to share research findings, theories, or analysis with other researchers.
  3. Publisher - Universities, academic presses, and professional organizations publish scholarly articles.
  4. Format - Scholarly articles often have:
    1. Technical or specialized language
    2. Citations or references
    3. Graphs and charts

Peer Review


Scholarly vs Peer Review

What's the difference?

"Scholarly" and "peer-reviewed" are not synonyms. All peer-reviewed articles are considered scholarly, but not all scholarly articles are peer reviewed.