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Conflict Resolution Studies (DCRS)

Guide for Halmos DCRS students across many courses.

NSU Library Catalog (NovaCAT)

Use the NSU Library Catalog to look up materials in the collections of all four libraries. This includes, books, ebooks, reports, media, videos, games, and print periodicals/journals.

Full Text Finder

Use the Full Text Finder to look up the titles of periodicals (magazines, newspapers, journals) to discover if the NSU Libraries have full articles in a variety of formats. Do not enter information about the article title, volume, issue, or DOI into this search tool. You can also use this tool to explore the publications you have access to online using the subject categories.

Short Video Guide

DOI Finder

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is needed for most styles including APA Style. This information is handy to find an article, book, or other material. Readers can use the DOI number to look up the items, even if they don't have access to the full text. NSU Students can use the NSU Libraries look-up tool to find a DOI based on article information or vice-versa.


Short Video Guide