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PHIL 4900 Feminist Philosophy: Finding Articles

This guide is designed to help students in PHIL4900 find articles, books and materials related to their assignments.

Finding Articles

This section will help you find specific journals and magazines as well as databases to use related to various topics within Philosophy and specifically Feminist Philosophy.

Search Tips

Here are some general search tips related to searching the databases and catalog:

Boolean searching can be helpful. This type of searching means using words such as AND, OR or NOT to help broaded or narrow your search. The word AND will combine terms and thus help narrow a search. OR is a way to help broaden your search because it will look for either word. OR should only be used when searching for similar words such as: baby OR infant.

Examples: "feminist philosophy" AND ethics

                   feminism AND children OR kids

If you are looking for an exact phrase or concept be sure to keep it in quotation marks so that the database knows you are looking for those exact words together.

Examples: "feminist philosophy"  "Nicomachean Ethics"  "Simone de Beauvoir"

Wildcards and truncation can be very useful especially if trying to broaden your search. A common shortcut that can be used is the * symbol on your keyboard. This can be used in many databases to look all variations of ways to end a word. So for example if I wanted to look for children, childhood, childraising, childless, etc. I could use the truncation: child*

Examples: child*, hous*, ethic*