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Evaluate Sources

In addition to finding sources, it's crucial we understand how to evaluate those sources. Use ABCD, CRAAP, and SIFT to evaluate different sources like academic journal articles, websites, magazines, and popular news sources.

When to Use the CRAAP Test

The CRAAP test is great for evaluating scholarly or academic journal articles. It is especially helpful in determining whether or not to use a specific article in your research.


The CRAAP Test is a helpful tool for evaluating a source's credibility and deciding whether you should use it in your assignment. It uses five criteria in the acronym: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.

The CRAAP Test questions are meant to serve as a guide rather than a checklist.




Lateral Reading

Practice Activities

Ready to practice using the CRAAP test to evaluate sources? Try the guided activity (click on the image) to practice evaluating a popular and a scholarly source. Ready to evaluate other articles? Use the linked CRAAP Test Tool to evaluate sources you've found on your own.