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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your frequently asked library questions!

Sherman Library Hours

  • What are the Sherman Library hours?
    • Please see Sherman Library hours here.
    • To see the hours of the other NSU Libraries click here.
  • Where are the librarians?
    • During our desk hours, you can find a librarian in the Sherman Library on the 2nd floor at the Reference desk.

Study Rooms

  • How do I reserve a study room?
    • Visit the Study Room Reservation page on our website and select an available time.
    • Reserve the room using your NSU SharkLink ID and password. Learn more about study rooms here.
  • How long can I use a study room?
    • A room can be reserved for a specified 2-hour period.
    • You can place a maximum of 2 reservations per day.
  • How far in advance can I reserve a study room?
    • Reservations can be made two weeks in advance.
  • Where do I get my study room key?
    • Bring your SharkCard to the first floor Circulation Desk to check out your key.
  • Is there quiet or group study at the library?
    • The Alvin Sherman Library offers a variety of study areas for both quiet individual study and group study. Learn more here.

Building Tours

  • Can I schedule a building tour?
    • You are welcome to schedule a tour with a librarian here
    • You can also view our digital tour here.

Library Appointments

  • When should I make an appointment with a librarian?
    • Make an appointment with a librarian when you need a general library orientation, or need to learn how to navigate the library's website and research tools.

Library Computers

  • Is there a physical location I can access in the library to find my sources?
    • Yes! You can use any of the computers in the Alvin Sherman Library.
    • Just log in with your Shark ID and password.
    • If you need assistance finding sources, please ask a reference librarian on the second floor at the Reference Desk.

Printing in the Library

  • Is the money for printing on my SharkCard?
    • Every July, currently enrolled NSU student's receive print credits to "My NSU Print" accounts.
    • To learn more about printing at NSU or to request a refund for printer errors, visit the SharkCard Services website.