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Human Resources

This guide covers multiple aspects of human resources management including diversity, leadership development, recruitment and career management, compensation and benefits, performance management and organizational behavior.

Additional recommended websites

Economic Policy Institute

National Labor Relations Board

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Information about pay and benefits, unemployment, employment, productivity, workplace injuries, occupational requirements.

  • Monthly Labor Review - Through MLR articles, economists, statisticians, and experts from BLS join with private sector professionals and federal, state, and local government specialists to provide a wealth of research in a wide variety of fields. Subjects include the labor force, the economy, employment, inflation, productivity, occupational injuries and illnesses, wages, prices, and more.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook provides information for 324 occupational profiles, covering about 4 out of 5 jobs in the economy.
  • TED: The Economics Daily - Each business day, The Economics Daily presents fresh economic information in charts and maps and highlights intriguing BLS data that you might otherwise have missed.

Clearinghouse for Labor Evaluation and Research

Employment and Training Administration

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


International Labour Organization

  • ILOSTAT delivers comprehensive labour statistics for better evidence-based policymaking. Coverage includes labor supply, working conditions, wages, labor productivity, labor costs, union membership, labor migrants and more. 
  • ILO Library research guides cover various topics such as collective bargaining, forced labor, international labor migration, labor statistics, national labor laws, occupational safety and health and more.
  • ILO Research areas include trends in employment, unemployment, labour force participation, productivity, vulnerable employment, working poverty, special issues of youth and gender, inequality, social security, organization of work and production, labour market policies.

Academy of Human Resource Development 

  • The AHRD Digest is published electronically once a month. 

American Staffing Association

Association for Talent Development 

  • ATD Research - Tracking trends, informing decisions, and connecting research to performance.
  • CTDO Magazine - Quarterly magazine for talent development executives developing the next generation of talent.
  • TD Magazine - ATD's award-winning monthly magazine that covers industry best practices, emerging technologies, and trends.

Employee Benefit Research Institute

  • Research Publications Issue Briefs give our most inā€depth expert analyses of employee benefit issues and trends, including data updates; emerging designs, practices, and products; and employee benefit policies and proposals. Fast Facts provide high-level takeaways of EBRI research in a condensed format so you can be quickly informed on benefits topics.

International Association for Human Resource Information Management 

International Public Management Association for Human Resources 

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement

  • Reports - topics and policies of consequence to Latino workers

Society for Human Resources Management 

  • HR Magazine -  published quarterly; provides up-to-date news, features and analysis of topics of interest to HR professionals at all career levels, and highlights HR’s essential, strategic role. 3 free articles per month. 
  • SHRM Research Institute - evidence-based insights, recommendations, and innovations at the intersection of people and work.

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

World Federation of People Management Associations


  • #evolve Magazine - insights on leadership, workplace culture, employee experience and strategic HR/business topics in this quarterly publication.
  • Workspan Daily - news and insights, delivered in a variety of concise, easily digestible formats. Workspan Daily provides fresh news, every weekday.

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