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Definitions & Key Terms

Racial Battle Fatigue: Racial Battle Fatigue (RBF) was a term coined in 2008 by Critical Race Theorist William Smith. It was originally used in reference to the experiences of African American men in America but is now expanded to describe the negative and racially charged experiences of all people of Color (PoC) in the United States. William Smith defines RBF as: . “cumulative result of a natural race-related stress response to distressing mental and . emotional conditions. These conditions emerged from constantly facing racially dismissive, . demeaning, insensitive and/or hostile racial environments and individuals.” University of California, Merced

Radical Self Care:  Radical self-care is the prioritization of placing your needs before someone else's. Radical self-care is carving out a space for yourself by defining your own self-care. This concept was introduced in the book A Burst of Light by writer, feminist, and activist Audre Lorde. Radical Self Care library guide

Safe Space: Safe space refers to an area or forum designed to address marginalization and the harms that come from it. Safe spaces seek to provide individuals from marginalized groups an environment where they do not face mainstream stereotypes and ostracism. They also are spaces where a shared political or social viewpoint is required to participate in the space. Encyclopedia of Adolescence

Self Care: Within the general public, self-care is often discussed and illustrated as individual activities performed to "treat" oneself (Kinser et al., ). Unfortunately, this, in combination with a growing wellness industry, perpetuates a culture of self-care based on individualism, capitalism, and consumerism (Hobart & Kneese, ). However, for Black people and communities that are exposed to the harsh realities of being second class global citizens subjected to oppression, self-care can go beyond “treating” oneself. Reclaiming Self-care: Self-care as a Social Justice Tool for Black Wellness

Self Care & Mental Health