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Panza Maurer Law Library

Academic Success and Professionalism Program (ASP)

The primary mission of the Academic Success and Professionalism Program (ASP) is to help all NSU law students develop fundamental skills that provide a solid foundation for success on law school exams, the bar exam, and the practice of law.

These skills include:

  • critical reading;
  • logical and strategic thinking;
  • problem solving;
  • effective written and oral legal analysis;
  • time and stress management; and
  • professional identity formation.

To accomplish its mission, ASP offers a comprehensive set of courses, individualized counseling, and other programming, from 1L through bar exam preparation, to assist our students in making smooth and effective transitions from layperson to law student and, ultimately, to licensed attorneys. Assisted by staff, highly qualified ASP Professors of Practice support NSU law students throughout their law school careers and while studying for the bar exam.

These study aids focus on general law school success strategies. All of these study aids are available online through the links below. 

If you need help accessing any of these materials, please contact a Reference Librarian.  

These study aids generally focus on exam preparation. All of these materials can be accessed electronically through the links below: 

If you need help accessing any of these materials, please contact a Reference Librarian. 

Law School Exam Study Aids by Subject Matter 

Aspen Learning Library

The Emanuel's Crunch Time and Friedman series available in the Aspen Learning Library are a great resource when preparing for law school exams. Please find the subjects that are featured in each series listed below: 


LexisNexis Digital Library

The Questions and Answers series in the LexisNexis Digital Library are a great resource to prepare you for your law school exams. The subjects that are available are listed below: 

West Academic Study Aids

The Acing, Exam Pro, and Gilbert Law Summaries series are available on West Academic for law school exam preparation. The subjects that are available are listed below: 


CALI Podcast Lessons for Exam Preparation

Quimbee Lessons for Law School Exam Preparation

Aspen Learning Library

The Aspen Learning Library platform features various study aids including the Examples & Explanations and Glannon Guide series. 

These highly popular collections help law students master complex subject matter. Please see below for details on the subjects covered by these study aids. 


LexisNexis Digital Library 

LexisNexis Digital Library offers the largest most flexible legal eBook library available, which includes the Understanding and Mastering series. Please see below for details on what subjects these study aids cover:     


West Academic Study Aids Collection

The West Academic Study Aids Collection contains hundreds of trusted study aids to help you succeed in law school including the In A Nutshell series, the Short and Happy Guide, and various Hornbooks. Please see below for details on some of these subjects that these study aids cover. 

The Bluebook

The Bluebook will be the main citation guide that you will use in your law school career. For generations, law students, lawyers, scholars, judges, and other legal professionals have relied on The Bluebook's uniform system of citation in their writing.

The following resources are designed to provide assistance with Bluebook citation.

Study Aids and Books

*Please be aware that this resource is only available behind the Circulation Desk*

Please find below legal writing Study Aids that are available online: 

CALI Legal Writing Lessons

Quimbee Legal Research and Writing Course

Avoiding Legal Writing Plagiarism
NSU Main Campus Resources

Online Study Aids

For students that are interested in learning on the go, below please find QR codes for the Law School Study Aid apps:

Aspen Learning Library



LexisNexis Digital Library



Westlaw Academic Audio