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LANG 575: Spanish Children’s Literature I

What is a Database?

A library database is an electronic collection of information and documents, including newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, and more. 

Databases are not considered "the Internet." We use an internet browser to access library databases but we are not searching a website. Unlike searching Google, using a library database will allow you to:

  • Limit a search by keyword, author, date, publication, etc. 
  • Find reliable sources such as peer-reviewed or scholarly articles
  • Avoid paywalls or other paid subscription content

Databases for Education Scholarly Articles

Finding Books

Search the Library Catalog (NovaCat) to locate books, ebooks, videos, dvds, games and other material the libraries own.  Library Catalog will indicate the format (online or in-print), location, and availability of an item.  Remember, if you are looking for articles and other types of research material you will want to consult the databases.  Use the search box below to begin searching.  Or click the link below to go directly into the NovaCat catalog.

Select eBooks on Children's Literature