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Haitian Awareness Month

Haitian Heritage Month is celebrated in May to honor the rich culture and contributions of Haitians and Haitian-Americans.


Haitian Awareness Month


May is Haitian Heritage Month, celebrated nationally in the United States annually. It is an excellent time to celebrate Haiti's vibrant culture, unique art, and delicious cuisine while learning more about its people's traditions. Haitian Awareness Month is an expansion of Haitian Flag Day, celebrated on May 18th. This patriotic day is celebrated in Haiti and the Diaspora to encourage patriotism. 


Haiti made history on January 1, 1804, by becoming the first free Black republic in the world after a revolution that began in 1791. The country's independence declaration ended French colonial control and slavery and renamed Haiti, which means "mountainous." Haiti was also the second independent state in the Western Hemisphere after the United States.