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Learning about Journals and Publishers: Learn More / Readings

Workshops, Information, and Resources for learning about all types of journals and publishers -- both legitimate and predatory.

Articles & Blogs

Avoiding Predatory Journals and Questionable Conferences: A Resource Guide (ERIC Document ED579189)


Beyond Beall’s List: Better understanding predatory publishers

'Predatory' Publishing Up

It's not about predators, it's about journal quality

Researchers may be part of the problem in predatory publishing


Editorial: Firm action needed on predatory journals

"They’re harming researchers in low and middle income countries most, but everyone must fight back"


Predatory Publishing, Questionable Peer Review, and Fraudulent Conferences


"Predatory" Online Journals Lure Scholars Who Are Eager to Publish [Chronicle of Higher Education]

Followup Correspondence Letter


Who publishes in “predatory” journals?


The Google scholar experiment: How to index false papers and manipulate bibliometric indicators


Spamming in scholarly publishing: A case study

Your Next Call for Papers Might Actually Be a Secret Message [Chronicle of Higher Education]

Leave it to MIT graduates to create software that generates real-sounding papers to call attention to predatory publishing. This article briefs SCIgen and SCIpher.

Additionally read the article about the open source SCiDetect software created to discover fake scientific papers: