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Diabetes and Health Care: Library Resources

Diabetes Education Instructional Pathfinder for HPD Students and Faculty

HPD Library Resources

Student Resources

Diabetes is a popular research topic for students and faculty. 

Here at the Martin and Gail Press HPD Library, we have accumulated resources we believe will assist you in your efforts to locate reliable, evidence-based information and data about diabetes. 

Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide

The Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide is a comprehensive web and mobile resource that delivers up-to-date information on the management and complications of diabetes.

Databases & Journal Literature


Search engine that accesses collections of Elsevier e-books, e-journals, the clinics, clinical trials, drug monographs, guidelines, evidence-based Clinical Overviews, Procedures Consult, multimedia, patient education, and CME. 

Other Databases


Diabetes Core Update Podcasts

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