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Group Visits

Outreach instruction for public groups is available to Broward County residents, organizations, and school groups, including all Broward County schools.

The purpose of an outreach instruction session is to provide a librarian-led overview of library services and training how to use specific library resources.

Outreach sessions usually last approximately one hour (60 minutes) and are offered during regular Reference / Public Library Services hours. Longer sessions can be scheduled on a case-by-case basis for larger groups, and librarians can tailor special activities to the group's age or grade-level.

Groups are welcome to visit the library for tours and trainings as a school field trip, or may request that a librarian visit their location to demonstrate the library's online resources.

In order to make the appropriate accommodations, the library requires a minimum of three weeks' notice for all group visit requests .

To schedule a library visit or field trip with services provided by a librarian, please use the appropriate request form or email address below.

Sessions are expected to begin at the time scheduled and will be rescheduled if delayed 20 minutes or more.


Self-Directed Group Visits (10+ people)

If the group is self-directed (i.e. coming to the library to browse for books, work on homework projects, etc.) and does not require any additional services by a librarian, please email with the date/time of the planned visit. This will help ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts that day and parking instructions will be provided. 

flyer - Contact a librarian about Breakout EDU

Once the group visit is scheduled, the librarian will coordinate library card applications for the attendees.