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Canciones y Cuentos, Songs and Stories

The LibGuide features songs and stories in English and Spanish and educational, engaging videos by award-winning musician and teaching artist Alina Celeste

Alina's Videos by Topic (September)

Did Pin Pon and the Gingerbread Man make you hungry? Eat up Alina’s recommended resources for their story and history!

Gingerbread Stories from Around the World: 

Gingerbread Men stories from around the world

Stories from Wikipedia

Gingerbread cookies recipe

Sunshine State Standards:

  Music World Languages Visual Art
Kindergarten MU.K.F.3.1 WL.K12.NM.6.3 VA.K.C.1.1
First Grade MU.1.C.1.2 WL.K12.NM.6.3 VA.1.C.1.1
Second Grade MU.2.H.1.1 WL.K12.NM.6.3 VA.2.C.1.1
Third Grade MU.3.C.1.2 WL.K12.NM.6.3 VA.3.C.1.1

Sunshine State Standards:

  Music World Languages Social Studies
Kindergarten MU.K.C.1 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SS.K.A.2.4
First Grade MU.1.C.2.1 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SS.1.A.2.4
Second Grade MU.1.C.2 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SS.2.G.1.2
Third Grade MU.3.C.1.2 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SS.3.G.2.2


September is National Honey Month!

Below are some "sweet" resources about honeybees, folklores, and funny stories!

Sunshine State Standards:

  Music World Langauges Science
Kindergarten MU.K.C.1 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SC.K.L.14.3
First Grade MU.1.C.2.1 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SC.1.L.14.1
Second Grade MU.1.C.2 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SC.2.L.17.2
Third Grade MU.3.C.1.2 WL.K12.NM.1.1 SC.3.L.17.2


Here are resources on Hispanic Heritage Month:

Pura Belpre also wrote a story based on Martina, and she was a trail-blazing Puerto Rican Librarian too. 

More history on the story of the Vain Little Mouse

A la Rueda video 

Information about Guantanamera:


Guantanamera the famous Cuban folk song

Guantanamera information by


Sunshine State Standards:

  Music World Languages Language Arts
Kindergarten MU.K.C.1 WL.K12.NM.1.1 LAFS.K12.SL.1.2
First Grade MU.1.C.2.1 WL.K12.NM.1.1  
Second Grade MU.1.C.2 WL.K12.NM.1.1  
Third Grade MU.3.C.1.2 WL.K12.NM.1.1