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Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition: Author-Date Style: Electronic Resources

Quick guide for Chicago Manual of Style - Author-Date Style

General Guidelines

For General Rules of Thumb for creating References, please refer to the General Guidelines tab of this page.  Please note:  Hanging indents were not able to be displayed on this page, but is a mandatory format for all references.



Use an access date rather than n.d. (no date).

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 2015. "Ocean." United States Department of Commerce.  Accessed June 6.


Online Format with DOI: 

** DOI is preferred to URL.  Always use DOI if given instead of URL.

Campbell, Alexandra M., Jay Fleisher, Christopher Sinigalliano, James R. White, and Jose V. Lopez. 2015. "Dynamics of Marine Bacterial Community Diversity of the Coastal Waters of the Reefs, Inlets, and Wastewater Outfalls of Southeast Florida." Microbiology Open 4(2): 1-19. doi: 10.1002/mbo3.245.

Online Format without DOI:

Spieler, Richard E. 1971. "A Carp-Goldfish Hybrid with No Caudal Fin." Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 74 (3/4): 342-343.