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CJI 530: Legal Issues in Criminal Justice

Course Description

This guide contains library resources and other resources to support CJI 530. 

Course Description:

This course examines a variety of legal issues critical to a thorough understanding of the various aspects of the criminal justice system. Students will examine the United States Constitution and its interpretation through court decisions that together have formed the cornerstone of the criminal justice system. Students will analyze criminal procedure from the investigative stages through trial, sentencing and post-sentencing with an emphasis on constitutional parameters.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the components of criminal procedure,and understand the constitutional parameters associated with legal issues in criminal law.
  • Understand the constitutional restraints on how the criminal justice system satisfies the legal requisites as to a criminally accused individual.
  • Apply knowledge of criminal procedure,and related constitutional parameters, to current legal issues in criminal justice.
  • Evaluate criminal justice issues in the context of constitutional limitations.

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