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COMP 1500 College Writing

Welcome to the COMP 1500 LibGuide

Before class gets started, please do the following:

1) Attendance Sign in: (online form)
(If the librarian passed around a paper sign-in sheet, there is no need to use the online form.)

2) Bookmark the COMP 1500 course library guide:
(You may need to refer back to it to complete homework assignments.)

Learning Outcomes:

Welcome! This course guide highlights how to find and evaluate sources for an assignment. Image of woman looking at fake news on a laptop

After reviewing this guide, you will better understand:

  • how to identify types of information sources
  • how to evaluate sources
  • how to use library databases to find scholarly, newspaper, and magazine articles


You'll see us again!

There is too much information about the library to cover in just this one session, so librarians will also visit the following undergraduate courses to focus on the specific concepts below:

  • COMP 2000 - how to refine your research question/topic and modify your searches

  • UNIV 1000 - virtual library tour and introduction to library/research terms

  • BIOL 1500 - how to find and cite articles for your lab report

  • BIOL 1510 - how scientific publication works and finding articles for your lab report