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PSY 4402 Consultation & Supervision: Home

This guide provides links to readings and resources for this course.

Consultation & Supervision

Course Description

This course is intended to increase a student's awareness and competencies with ethical issues in therapy. In addition, students' consultation and supervision skills are developed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to begin applying basic supervision skills.
  • Have a more complex understanding of the APA 2002 Ethics Code.
  • Be able to provide consultation to colleagues on various therapeutic, supervisory and ethical issues.

Competency elements to be acquired in the course: Trainees demonstrate competence in utilizing
various forms of communication skills consistent with the scope of Health Service Psychology. At the end
of this course students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Supervision models and practices
  • Individual and cultural differences as they apply to supervision process and relationships
  • Consultation models and practices
  • The roles and perspectives of other professions