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Explore World Book: World Book Student

World Book is an online encyclopedia that is a valuable tool for students and teachers alike. Use this guide as an introduction to the many different resources World Book offers.  Then explore World Book on your own and discover even more!

What is World Book Student?

Behind the Headlines: learn about today top stories & find links to related articles

Biography Center: more than 10,000 biographies, searchable by time period, nationality, gender, and more

Bonus Features: extensive built-in Dictionary and easy to use Atlas 

Key Features:

  • 40,000 encyclopedia articles
  • Includes audio, video, animations and student activities 
  • Make your own account to save your research
  • Use the How To Do Research features and learn the most effective ways to search 

World Book Student Main Features

Home Page

Main Search Box: search for content in just World Book Student, in both Student and World Book Kids, or just look for images.

Featured Video: use the controls at the bottom to start, pause, or stop the video.

What's New: find out what's been recently added to World Book Student.

Biography Center: includes more than 10,000 biographies, which are searchable by four criteria: occupation/area of work, gender, nationality/ethnicity, and time period.

Quizzes and activities: include trivia quizzes and Surf the Ages, a site that explores the question, “What if the Web had existed since ancient times?”


Research on the go!

World Book Student is designed for use on an iPad!