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BIOL 4960 Practicum in Biology

Library Databases

Library databases contain a wide range of information sources including e-books, book chapters, news articles, scholarly journal articles, research studies, and more. When researching a biology lab topic, search for information within the library's Biology databases.

Within a database, use the Advanced Search page to enter your search terms, choose your Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT), and select the peer-reviewed option: 



After selecting an article from your results page, use the database tools to save, help cite, or email the article to yourself:



Remember, if you need to locate a specific article, you can use Full Text Finder to track it down using the article's citation information. Start by searching for the name of the journal/publication. Then, select the listed database that has access to it. Inside that database, you can search for the title of the article that you want.

Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators: How to refine your database search

Ulrichsweb (Peer Review)

Use the Ulrichsweb database to see if a specific journal is considered peer-reviewed. If it is, then the articles published in that journal are peer-reviewed.

Academic Writer (APA)



  • Tutorials and quick guides about the research process
  • Sample citations using APA Style 7th edition (including sample table and figures)
  • Interactive, pre-formatted paper templates
  • Tools to insert references
  • Collaborative writing tools

Full Text Finder

Use Full Text Finder to locate an article using its citation.


Nadell, C.D., Bassler, B.L., & Levin, S.A. (2008). Observing bacteria through the lens of social evolution. Journal of Biology, 7(27), 1-4. https:/

STEP 1: On the Library's main page click Full Text Finder.

STEP 2: In Full Text Finder enter the name of the journal and click Search.

STEP 3: On the results page, select a database that includes the article year of publication.

STEP 4: Finally, log in to the database and locate the article by title.