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SPED 8404: Organization and Administration of Special Education Programs

Why Use books?

  1. Books can offer a comprehensive view on a topic often offering the past, present, and future considerations.

  2. All of these can lead to a more effective search within a database.

  3. Use books to develop foundation knowledge on a topic then move to databases (Find Articles) for specific research on a topic.

Finding Books

Search the library catalog (NovaCat) to locate books, ebooks, videos, dvds, games and other material the libraries own.  The catalog will indicate the format (online or in-print), location, and availability of an item.  Remember, if you are looking for articles and other types of research material you will want to consult the databases.  Use the search box below to begin searching.  Or click the link below to go directly into the NovaCat catalog.

Why are you going to use databases?

www ≠ database

Databases are not the same as websites!

  • A database is a collection of information published electronically by a credible source or publishing company.  The information in a database is arranged into records that can be searched by a computer.
  • While you may find a lot of results when using Google, Bing, or other search engines on the web, these results may not be appropriate to cite in your actual paper.  Instead, search the internet to brainstorm ideas and then research those concepts in the databases.
  • The majority of scholarly articles found within a database are not freely available on the internet.

Research Databases