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CUR 526 Educational Research for Practitioners

CUR 526 Course Guide

Finding Assessment Instruments in ERIC

You can identify tests and measurements in the ERIC database by looking for a keyword and looking for tests or questionnaires in the Document Type field. See this example:

  • Use the ERIC (ProQuest) database.
  • Look for the phrase "needs assessment" in the Subject field. Put the phrase in quotes for more precise results.
  • 143 Report: Research and/or 160 Tests/questionnaires in the Document Type field.
  • Use other words or phrases for focus your results. For example, "educational need"
  • Select grade levels in the Education Level box. 
  • If the results are too broad, add another concept in the third row. If your results are too narrow, add synonyms for your second concept. For example, mainstreaming or inclusions or "inclusive schools"

Finding Data

If you need statistics or data to document an educational problem or need, see this video and try these resourcs:


  • Florida Department of Education
  • International Archive of Education Data
  • National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
  • National Education Association (NEA)
  • U.S. Department of Education