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A library guide to help you find resources for literature related topics.

Where do I find books?

Search your topic in the library catalog to find books related to your research needs.

The Alvin Sherman Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System. Most books related to literature are on the 3rd and 4th floors in the following sections:

  • PA - Classical, Greek, and Roman literature
  • PG - Russian literature
  • PJ -  Egypt, Hebrew, and Arabic literature
  • PK - Indo-Iranian Literature
  • PL - East Asia literature
  • PN - Literature (General)
  • PQ - French literature
  • PR - English literature
  • PS - American literature

Selected Books

These are just few recommended books you could try for certain literature topics.


If you would like to read a novel by a specific author, search for the item in the catalog. You can also read ebooks and audiobooks in cloudLibrary. Select the link below or download the free cloudLibrary app to your phone or tablet.