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Microforms: Microfiche, Microfilm, and Microcards

This guide is designed to help you find and use microforms in the Alvin Sherman Library.

Visiting Campus

  • Where are we located?
    • The Alvin Sherman Library is located at
      3100 Ray Ferrero Jr. Blvd.
      Fort Lauderdale-Davie, FL 33314 
  • Where can I park? 
    • Parking is available in the Alvin Sherman Library parking garage located on the east entrance off Ray Ferrero, Jr. Blvd.
    • Parking costs $1.00 per hour.
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly parking can be purchased here
    • Parking can be paid using the PayByPhone app.
    • Parking can be paid with cash or credit cards at the payment kiosk. It is located on the first floor southeast corner of the parking deck. 
  • Do you have wheelchair accessible parking?
    • Yes. There are handicap accessible parking spaces and elevators located on each level of the public parking garage. Patrons can use ramps at the front entrance.  


  • Is printing free?
    • No, all black and white documents are charged at $0.05/per page. All color documents are charged at $0.10/per page. Duplex printing will receive a 25% discount on the total cost of the print job.
  • How do I pay to print?
    • I have an Alvin Sherman Library card.
      • If you have an Alvin Sherman Library Card, you can add cash to your print card using the CBORD machine located on the second floor of the library near the reference desk computer lab. This machine only takes bills and does not give change.
        1. Swipe your library card.
        2. Feed cash into the machine.
          • This amount of cash has been added to your print card.
    • I don't have an Alvin Sherman Library Card.
    • I don't qualify for an Alvin Sherman Library card or I don't want to sign up at this time. 
      • No problem. You can purchase a print card for $1.00 at the CBORD machine. The CBORD machine is located on the second floor of the library near the computers behind the reference desk. The purchase cost of the card is in addition to any funds added to the card for printing.
  • How do I set a username and PIN for my printing card?
    • Swipe your card at the print release station.
    • Click "Yes, create a new account"
    • Enter an easy-to-remember PIN (4+ digit number)
    • Write down your print account username (Lib - #####)
  • I have print money on my card, how do I print?
    • Log on to a computer
    • Plug in your USB drive
    • Click the File Explorer (folder icon) on the start bar
    • Click "This PC" on the left panel.
    • Double click "Removable Drive" to view the files on your USB drive.
    • Double click your file (PDF of your microfiche scans) to open.
    • Click the printer icon OR go to File > Print
    • Choose "Davie Campus Black and White" for your printer
    • Enter your printing username and password (Lib-##### & PIN)
    • Click "Print"
    • Swipe your print card at the print release station
    • Click "Print" to release your job at the printer
  • The print release station says I don't have funds, but I just added money to this card.
    • ​​​​​​​If you receive an error saying you have insufficient funds on your print card, click "Print" to release your print job and then swipe your print (CBORD) card again to sync the funds.