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Chicago Manual of Style: Information for those Using Author/Date

Basic guide to citing sources using Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

Looking for something specific in the Chicago Manual of Style?

The Chicago Manual of Style Online makes it easy to search for specific examples of how to use em-dashes for example:

Just go to the grey text box found on the upper right hand side of the screen,to search for a specific term. The results page will show where this term appears in the Chicago Manual of Style, and these results are links you can click on. This makes the online version of the Chicago Manual of Style super easy to use!

When Using the Author Date Version of the CMS

Consult the 15th Chapter of the Chicago Manual of Style for information regarding the in-text and reference list citation formats. 

Chapter 15 of the Chicago Manual of Style, Author/Date

For any questions regarding the formatting of author/date in-text citations or the reference list please consult chapter 15 of the Chicago Manual of Style. For your convenience the NSU Florida's Alvin Sherman Library has an online version of this citation manual. 

Author-Date System

The author-date system of CMS is typically used in the disciplines of physical, natural and social sciences.

Below are article citation examples:

One Author


Perito, Robert M. 2008. "Police in Peace and Stability Operations: Evolving US Policy and Practice." International Peacekeeping 15, no. 1: 51-66.

In text citation:

(Perito 2008) or if quoting add page number after year ex. (Perito 2008, 101)


More than One Author


Rosenberg, Sam, and Thomas E. Weisskopf. 1981. "A Conflict Theory Approach to Inflation in the Postwar U.S. Economy." American Economic Review 71, no. 2: 42.

In text citation:

(Rosenberg and Weisskopf 1981) or if quoting add page number after year ex. (Rosenberg and Weisskopf 1981, 101)