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Homeless Services & Resources: Find Articles

The purpose of this guide is to provide contact information for local, state, and national services designed to assist the homeless as well as recommended library resources.

Citation Guides

Click on a link below to view the corresponding library guide on the following citation styles:

What is a database?

What is a database?

A database is similar to a website; however, unlike random websites that anyone can post on the internet, a database is a collection of information that has been published electronically by a credible source / publishing company.   The content within the database has been reviewed by professionals (experts, educators, librarians, etc.) for accuracy.  Just like a book, you can look up information in a database, use it for research reports and assignments, and cite the information.   Many of the library’s databases are available from any computer that has internet access.  Databases are free for you to use with your Alvin Sherman Library card! 


Why use a database?

Here are just a few examples when databases can come in handy:  

  • when a book is not available at the library
  • when you need the most up-to-date information available
  • when you can’t get to the library but you can get to a computer that has internet
  • when the actual library building is closed because the databases are available 24/7


What databases are available at the Alvin Sherman Library?

The library offers numerous research databases and electronic journals on a variety of subjects. Click here to view a list of the databases available by subject, database name, or type of material. 

 Look for the school bus icon for recommended databases for students in grades K-12!


How can I access these databases?

You must have an Alvin Sherman Library card  or a Sharklink username and password to access the databases.  To enter, please visit and click on databases. 

Scholarly Articles?

Need help determining whether or not an article is scholarly?  Then view our guide Tell if an Article is Scholarly to learn how!

For More Help...

For more help finding articles, view the following guide and tutorial: