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Test Preparation

When it comes to taking a variety of tests, being well prepared can help you do your best. The Alvin Sherman Library offers free online test preparation to help improve your test taking skills.

CLEP Exams

College Level Examination Program/CLEP

CLEP Exams are taken to earn college credit towards introductory-level courses. These tests are accepted at over 2,900 schools and can help you earn your degree faster and save money. The tests are multiple choice and can be taken at a testing center or at home with remote proctoring. Make sure your school accepts CLEP exams before you take them.

DSST Exams

Defense Subject Standardized Test/DSST

The DSST exams are college subject tests that allow you to earn college credit for knowledge learned outside of a classroom. These are accepted at 1,500 institutions and are offered at testing centers. Similarly to CLEP exams they can help you save money and earn your degree faster.

DSST Books

Master the DSST Human Resource Management Exam
Master the DSST Personal Finance Exam
Master the DSST Principles of Finance Exam
Master the DSST a History of the Vietnam War Exam
Master the DSST Ethics in Technology Exam
Master the DSST Introduction to Geology Exam
Master the DSST Health and Human Development Exam
Master the DSST Technical Writing Exam
Master the DSST Fundamentals of Counseling Exam