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Download Library E-books: How to Download in Ebook Collection (EBSCO)

This guide is for users of the NSU libraries to identify databases that carry downloadable materials and to learn how to download the materials to various devices.

Step One

Hello! This page will give you step-by-step instructions with images showing you how to download an ebook in EBSCO ebooks. You can access EBSCO ebooks from the Alvin Sherman Library website. You will need either an Alvin Sherman Library public card or a SharkLink ID to access this database.

Most of the ebooks in EBSCO ebooks are downloadable. You do not need to download the ebooks if you have internet access and just want to the view the ebook for a short period of time. If you do want to download the ebook you need to have a (free) account in EBSCO. To either sign in to your account or create your account you need to click the "sign in" link near the top of the page in EBSCO ebooks.

ebsco interface

Step Two - Sign In

Once you click "sign in", you will need to sign in. If you do not have an account you will need to create one by clicking the "create a new account" link. You need to be signed into the ebook database to be able to download an ebook.

signin screen

Step Three

You need to have some type of ebook reader application on your device (ipad, Kindle Fire HD, etc.) to be able to download the ebooks for a period of time. One of the commonly used free reader apps is Bluefire Reader. This app will come up in the Apple app store and Google Play by searching for bluefire. Another application you can use if you are using a PC or laptop is Adobe Digital Editions.

Note: You will need an Adobe ID the first time you try to get these applications. If you do not have an Adobe ID, try here. You will need to use the sign in link on that page to get to the create a new account option within Adobe.

Step Four

To download an ebook either search or browse to find an ebook you want. Once you do, click on the ebook title. On the next screen there will be a link on the left hand side to download the ebook. The link says "Download this ebook (offline)." Click that link.

ebook title screen

Step Five

You should then get pop-up box like this one below. In this box you select the number of HOURS you want to download the ebook. This period may vary depending on the ebook but the maximum is usually 168 hours which is 7 days. After you select how many hours you want you click the "checkout & download" button.

download box

Step Six

When you do click the "checkout & download" button you should get a pop-up screen like this one asking you to download/open the item in the app. Pick which application you wanted to use. The recommended ones Adobe Digital Edition or BlueFire reader.


Step Seven

The ebook should now be downloaded to whichever application you selected for that checkout period. If you have any problems or questions please feel free and contact the library. The reference desk number is 954-262-4613 and the email is

If the ebook database is giving you an error message please contact the library so we can report the problem or issue. Thanks.