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Data & Statistics

Library resources focused on data, analysis, interpretation, and statistics. Discover open access data sources.

Reference Books

SAGE Research Methods

Research methods are strategies and techniques used to collect data and evidence -- then analyzed in order to discover/uncover information and create a better understanding of a topic or population.

The SAGE Research Methods collection includes books, journals, podcasts, case studies, and videos. Explore concepts, definitions, information, advice, and recommended sources across a range of interests and disciplines. Learn about writing, planning projects, research, data, study skills, professional skills, knowledge management, literature reviews, developing questions, best practices, etc. Download book chapters focused on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods.

Sections within SAGE Research Methods

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias -- develop an understanding of terminology. Definitions are a useful first step into understanding complex research terms. Encyclopedia entries are presented in an authoritative, interdisciplinary, and accessible way.

Methods Map -- browse the resources within the collection. Learn how methods are related & inter-related. Find brief definitions. ex.: Data Collection

Project Planner -- type of guide for learning how to accomplish a project or paper (includes proposals, documentation of actual research, etc.). Learn about refining topics, developing questions, and compiling literature reviews. Go through the sections step-by-step or skip to the section needed.

Which Stats Test -- includes a tool that helps narrow down options for what statistical test can be used to answer a question.