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Data & Statistics

Library resources focused on data, analysis, interpretation, and statistics. Discover open access data sources.

Free Resources & Open Source Publications

Find additional reputable open source journals and articles by searching The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) via

Selected List of Resources

Advance - a SAGE preprints community

Authorea (multi-disciplinary research preprints)

Data is Plural - Newsletter

Data Science Journal (open access, DOAJ Seal)

Data Science Weekly -- Newsletter

Journal of Open Health Data (open access, DOAJ Seal)

Journal of Open Psychology Data (open source, DOAJ Seal)

Methodspace (SAGE Publishing)

O'Reilly -- Data & AI Newsletter

PolicyMap - Public Edition (free version for public patrons)

Royal Statistical Society (join for free)

SAGE Open (open source, DOAJ Seal)


Statista - Basic Account

Tableau - Learn - Data Insights

The Pudding (data visualization)

The Scientist (magazine) -- Data Analysis section

Towards Data Science (Medium publication)

Towards Data Science - "Top 10 Newsletters in Data Science"