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PSY 2809 Research Design

Article Databases

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What is Peer Review?

Peer Review is a critical part of evaluating information. It is a process that scholarly journal editors use to ensure the articles they publish represent the best scholarship currently available. When an article is submitted to a peer reviewed journal, the editors send it to other scholars in the same field (the author's peers) to get their assessment of the quality of the scholarship, its relevance to the field, its appropriateness for the journal, etc.  Most library databases will have a search feature that allows you to limit your results to peer reviewed or scholarly sources. Google Scholar does not have that feature.

Is the journal peer reviewed? Use Ulrichsweb to find out

This is a brief Alvin Sherman Library video explaining how to use Ulrichsweb to determine peer review status.

Finding Articles with Only a Citation

Use the Full Text Finder to find PDFs of articles in our databases when all you have is a citation.

Video on how to use Full Text Finder 

Use our DOI Finder to see if an article is covered in one of our databases, or to find the doi of an article you already have.

Video on how to use our DOI finder