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PSY 2809 Research Design


What is JARS?

APA Style Journal Article Reporting Standards (APA Style JARS) are a set of guidelines designed for journal authors, reviewers, and editors to enhance scientific rigor in peer-reviewed journal articles. Educators and students can use APA Style JARS as teaching and learning tools for conducting high quality research and determining what information to report in scholarly papers.

APA Style Blog article on JARS

APA Infographic:

Journal Metrics

The number and variety of citations a paper receives are often used as metrics to approximate that paper's influence in its field. A handful of databases provide tools that allow you to view or track citations to individual papers or to generate reports based on the citation statistics of a paper or group of papers.

Google Scholar

A Recent Review of Google Scholar Metrics

Journal Citation Reports provides a ranking of journals according to Total Cites, Journal Impact Factor or Eigenfactor Score produced from data from Clarivate's Web of Science.

Learn more about journal metrics

See this Library guide for more information about journal metrics: