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Company Research

This guide is a collection of resources that will help you with your company research. You can look for ready made profiles or you can compile information from a variety of sources to get a clear picture of your potential competitors, clients or partners.

Key resources for SWOT analyses

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis highlights internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) and how they are likely to impact a company, a product or an industry.

SWOT analyses can be found in the following databases in our library collection. Below you will also find some strategies you can use to easily find them in our databases. 

  • icon of a building Users listed next to this icon have access on campus. (This will often say ALL indicating all users have access on campus. There are a few exceptions.) 
  • icon of a house Users listed next to this icon have access off campus.

ABI/Inform Collection

Search tips:

  • Type “SWOT analysis” (make sure you use quotation marks) in the first search box and choose ALL subjects & indexing SU in the drop-down menu to the right. Then type company name in the second search box and choose Company/organization – ORG from the drop-down menu. Check the “Full text” box located below search boxes.

Business Source Premier

Search tips:

  • To search for MarketLine company profiles or SWOT reports, type company name in search box, then choose Title as a field. When SWOT analyses are included in results, you can use the Source Types filter on the left and select SWOT Analyses from there (some items might not be picked up because they are not indexed as such).
  • Another option is to filter by publisher name from the menu on the left. SWOT analyses included in Business Source Premier come from MarketLine.  
  • One can also type “SWOT analysis” in the search box and select SU Subject Terms from the menu (make sure you use quotation marks), then type company name and limit to Title in the second search box.

Entrepreneurial Studies Source

Search tips:

  • Type in company name and choose CO Company entity under Select a field. Then use SWOT as a keyword in the second search box and select TI Title in the Select a field box.

Gale Business: Insights

Search tips:

  • From Browse go to Companies and search by company name or ticker. Click on Read full SWOT analysis button to be taken to the SWOT section in GlobalData reports. 

Nexis Uni

Search tips:

  • Advanced search – Company and Financial tab – Company profiles (on the left, below Directories). Type in company name and choose Company name under All fields. In the second search box type SWOT (leave All fields unchanged). You can filter results from Sources (check out GlobalData and ICD Research company reports when available)