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Presentations design and delivery

Microsoft PowerPoint

As an NSU student, you get access to the software as part of your Microsoft Office package. To access PowerPoint go to the Windows icon in the left lower corner of your screen and scroll down to the letter P.  

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Canva – easy to use software for creating presentations. You can upload your images or use the ones already available on the website. Canva is a good source for ready made templates. You can use the software to work on your own presentation or collaborate with others.

Google Slides requires you to have a Google account (free). Since it is a collaborative presentations application, it is possible to collaborate with others in real time. No software required, work is done in the browser.

Prezi’s cloud-based software lets you create, collaborate, and share engaging presentations and video.

Education presentation templates or choose from a larger collection of Presentation templates, free and easy to customize.  

Haiku Deck - gives access to sleek layouts and over 40 million free creative commons images you can use to give a polished look to your decks. 

Emaze – Professionally designed presentations, websites, e-cards, blogs and photo albums.