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Careers for Business Students

HBCE Career Advising

The HCBE Career Advising team can connect you with the opportunities that will serve you to become a difference maker. Get expert advice for students and alumni, request a referral, book a virtual or live appointment, attend a workshop and more.

Find out more about how the team can help you here.

Digital Media Lab

Ann Porterfield Digital Media Lab, located in the library is a hidden gem. This space offers access to modern equipment  that allows you to practice presentations, record answers to video interviews, create video portfolios, etc.

Not only do you have access to software, you can also use the space to record yourself presenting as if you were in a real interview. You can then review the footage and make necessary adjustments. Send it to your friends and family and ask for feedback.

Please note the Digital Media Lab is available by appointment only. Read more about what's on offer and how this works here.

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