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Video Resources for Business

Collection of resources that provide information in video format.

Additional recommended websites

Harvard Business Review

Video - explainer videos, case study discussions, and whiteboard sessions, featuring ideas and practical advice for leaders. A short collection of selected videos one can use in class is also available - 18 Business Videos You’re Free to Use in Class.

Khan Academy

One can also do a keyword search for any business related topic and select videos from the filters located above the results. Playlists available for Accounting, Banking and money, Economics and finance,  HR and process management and more.


OECD Web TV – includes videos from various directorates.

Business videos - quick, 5-minute video lessons explain tough business concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Transcripts and captions are available, and each lesson is followed by a quiz.

TED Talks

Video playlists about business or See all talks on business.

Business search engine

Enter keywords in the field above to search more than twenty business-related periodicals.  

These resources were chosen because they are from respected organizations with a primary focus on business. Note that some of these sources, such as Harvard Business Review, have a limited access if you don’t have a subscription. If you are unable to open an article from the search results, search for the article title in the Alvin Sherman Library catalog.

For peer-reviewed journal articles, literature reviews, and primary source material, utilize the business databases on the Alvin Sherman Library website.

The Atlantic Fast Company Inc New York Times Wall Street Journal
Bloomberg Financial Times International Business Times NPR's Planet Money podcast Wired
Business Insider Forbes MarketWatch SeekingAlpha  
CNN Money Fortune Money Training Magazine Network  
Entrepreneur Harvard Business Review The Motley Fool Trend Hunter