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CSIS 2050 Discrete Mathematics: Citation Management

CSIS 2050

Chicago Manual of Style

Citation Management Tools

Chicago Manual of Style Online

Other Citation Guides

Each link below takes you to the guide for APA or MLA citation styles.

The APA Style guide includes examples of citations and tutorials on using EndNote, a citation management tool.

Introduction - Style Manual For OC

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Style Manual For OCL


In your research, you will need to understand how to interpret the citations you find in indexes and bibliographies, as well as how to cite sources in your own bibliographies.

Interpreting Citations

A citation is a reference to a source of information. It should include enough identifying information, including such information as the author, title, and source, so that a reader can locate a copy of the item. Citations may reference any type of information including: 

  • Book 
  • Essay or chapter in a book 
  • Journal article 
  • Magazine article 
  • Newspaper article
  • NSU MARP or practicum 
  • Conference proceeding 
  • Dissertation 
  • Internet document 
  • ERIC ED document
  • Government document 
  • Speech 
  • Radio or television broadcast 
  • Video or movie


The OCL follows the author/date style used in the Chicago Manual of Style. Theses, however, can follow the style required of the journal it is to be submitted to. 

Chicago style uses endnotes or author-date style for in-text referencing and a bibliography at the end to indicate those sources that were referenced in the text.  All papers should be double-spaced and should have margins of at least one inch on the right sides and at the top and bottom of every page.  The left margin should be 1.25 inches. All pages should be numbered except preliminary pages, including pages of works cited pages. The preferred page numbering choice for the OC is generally bottom center (modified version).

To access the Oceanographic Campus Library online Chicago Style Guide, go to: