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Library Terminology

Dictionary of common library terms.



An acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. Found on websites to address common questions.


A place in a record intended for a specific category of information, such as the title, author, subject headings, etc. Enables users to search for these categories of information in the library catalog and online databases.


An amount of money owed by the borrower for specific infractions (e.g., damaging a book, losing a book, etc.).


A book that are too large for normal shelves and is shelved in a special location within the library.


Statements explaining select text, assertions, or sources of quoted material found at the bottom, or foot, of a page of text.


The physical form of a work (e.g., print or electronic).


Providing access to the entire text of a work indexed in an online database or electronic resource (e.g., Google Scholar).

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