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CARM 6150 - Professional Practice and Ethics

This guide has been created to support students in the "Professional Practice and Ethics" CAHSS DCRS course.

Reflective Journal - 25%

Throughout the term you will be expected to maintain a weekly reflective journal. Journal writing is one method to help you become a reflective practitioner. You will submit the journal as an unified Word document file on or before the last day of the course. There is no one way to keep a journal, other than to make sure you are writing entries throughout the course. (Do not procrastinate!) If you are unfamiliar with approaches to this type of assignment, take a look at these resources.

Group Case Study (Analysis & Presentation) - 30%

This is a group assignment and your professor will assign you to a group at the beginning of the course. There are several parts to this assignment -- please refer to your syllabus for full details.

For this assignment your group is tasked with identifying a case at the local, national or international level that has one or more major ethical dilemmas associated with it. If your group has any difficulties with identify potential cases, the course instructor can assist you with this. A good place to begin is by looking at the assigned readings, and at the resources listed in this guide.

Your group will analyze the case in order to fully assess the impact of the ethical dilemma on the parties involved and on any possible resolution.

Your group will have 30 minutes to present your analysis of the case to the rest of the class and lead a class-wide discussion on the case. Your facilitation of the discussion will be assessed so you are advised to come prepared with 2-3 discussion questions.

Reflection Paper (Values) - 30%

The aim of this exercise is to help you answer these two questions related to your personal values:
1. Where do my values come from, what are they based on and how did they develop?
2. How would I help instill positive, peace-oriented values in another?
During a class session you will be presented with and guided through a process of completing a number of self-assessment tools in order to help you answer the questions. You will write up your responses to the above questions and submit them for grading on or before the deadline.

Peer Review of Role-Play Performance - 15%

Your skills and abilities to correctly identify and effectively work with the ethical issues will be assessed by one of your peers using the grading rubric that contains these areas: 

Demonstrated an awareness of the ethical issue(s) and their impact on the process

Effectively managed the ethical issues that arose during the simulation