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PSY 1407 Developmental: Adult & Older Adult

This guide covers resources available through the Alvin Sherman Library that provide information on descriptive psychopathology and research on the etiology, epidemiology, and dynamics and diversity issues of major adult and aged pathologic syndromes.

Class Readings for Dr. Arg├╝elles-Borge

Introduction to course, Demographics, & Clinical issues when working with adults & older adults

Physical & cognitive function as we age: Normal & pathological

Psychosocial issues: Interpersonal relationships, romantic relationships, & family ties

Psychosocial Issues Continued: Loneliness; Diversity issues in adulthood & older adulthood

Death & Dying, Meaning & Grief

Work, Leisure & Retirement: Introduction to Mental Health Issues

Mental health in later life; Attitudes & beliefs related to mental health