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PSY 1501 Assessment: Intelligence Testing

Course Description


The administration, interpretation, and communication of results of major intelligence tests is the focus of this course. Emphasis is placed on the many aspects of interpretation and report writing.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Demonstrate proficiency in the administration, scoring, interpretation, and communication of findings of the Weschler scales.

2) Acquire skills necessary to conduct intellectual assessment and interpret the data in an accurate and reliable manner.

3) Demonstrate specific skills necessary for traditional assessment, including establishing rapport with examinees, maintaining a positive testing environment, modifying assessment based on student performance.

Competency to be acquired in the course: Trainees demonstrate competence in conducting evidence based assessment consistent with the scope of Health Service Psychology. At the end of this course students will be expected to demonstrate competence in interpreting assessment results by following current research and professional standards and guidelines to inform case conceptualization, classification, and recommendations, while guarding against decision-making biases, distinguishing the aspects of assessment that are subjective from those that are objective.