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Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library: Checkout Items

Circulation Policies

All TBRCL materials can be checked out at the TBRC Library Front Desk.

Please bring your SharkCard to the Library Front Desk to check out items.

Please Note:

  • The loan period for iPads, Laptops, Video Camera & 360 Camera are 48 hours. These items are the only library checkout items that are allowed to leave the building. 
  • Loan periods for every other item is 3 hours. These items are not allowed to leave the building.
  • Failure to return equipment in a timely manner may result in a hold of borrowing privileges.
  • Lost or damaged equipment may result in a fee.
  • Tech equipment is available to all enrolled students, faculty & staff. 


  • Tech equipment is first-come, first-serve and cannot be reserved ahead of time.
  • Some materials from Main Campus are eligible for delivery to the address on file in My Library Account.

Materials Available for Checkout (Updated Fall 2023)

The Library Front Desk has a print copy of required textbooks that are not available electronically.

  • Books are available for 3 hour loans. 
  • To view all print and e-book offerings available at the Tampa Campus Regional Library, search the Library Catalog.
human anatomy textbook
human physiology textbook
sonography textbook
using spss textbook

The library offers Dell laptops for checkout!

  • Dell laptops are available for 48 hour loans. 
  • Dell laptops are allowed to be taken and used off-campus.
  • Failure to return equipment in a timely manner may result in a hold of borrowing privileges. 
Dell Latitude 7410 Laptops

The library offers iPads for checkout!

  • iPads are available for 48 hour loans. 
  • iPads are allowed to be taken and used off-campus.
  • Failure to return equipment in a timely manner may result in a hold of borrowing privileges. 
iPads (8th Generation)

The library offers wired mice for checkout!

  • Mice are available for 3 hour loans. 
Dell Wired USB Mouse

The library offers Meta Quest 2 VR headsets for checkout!

  • The Meta Quest 2 Kits are available for 3 hour loans, on-campus use only. 
  • The Meta Quest 2 Kits are preloaded with 3D Organon software.
  • First-time users must complete an orientation to the equipment, checkout procedure, and safety policies. Once you've passed the orientation, you can checkout the kit at the front desk. Request an orientation or checkout by clicking here!
Meta Quest 2 VR Kits

The library offers Studio A/V equipment for checkout!

  • The following items are available for 48 hour loans. 
  • The following items are allowed to be taken and used off-campus.
  • Failure to return equipment in a timely manner may result in a hold of borrowing privileges. 
Insta360 One X2 Camera (w/ mini tripod)

Sony FDR-AX33 Handycam Camcorder


Magnus TR 13 Tripod

Logitech R800 Presentation Remote (with Laser Pointer)

The library offers a variety of whiteboard accessories for checkout!

  • Whiteboard accessories are available for 3 hour loans. 
Dry Erase Boards

dry erase board

Dry Erase Marker & Eraser Kit


Dry Erase Mobile Whiteboards


The library offers a variety of chargers for checkout!

  • Charging adaptors & cables are available for 3 hour loans. 
Apple 85W Magsafe 2 Power Adapter (for Macbook Pro)

Apple 61W USB-C Power Adapter Charger (for Macbook)


Belkin ChargeSync Lightning Cable (for iPads)


Android/Apple USB-C

Android Micro-USB




The library offers extension cords for checkout!

  • Extension cords are available for 3 hour loans. 
3-Outlet 10' Extension Cords

The library offers wired headphones for checkout!

  • Headphones are available for 3 hour loans. 
Sony Headphones

The library offers calculators for checkout!

  • Calculators are available for 3 hour loans. 
TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator

The library offers a laptop stand for checkout!

  • The laptop stand is available for 3 hour loans. 
IKEA Laptop Stand

Software Available

Applications available on Library devices:

Computer/Device Citrix Workspace Zoom Respondus Lockdown Browser Examplify PSI Secure Browser OMS 3D Organon Beat Saber Complete Anatomy 2022 Canvas
Dell Latitude 7410 Yes Yes Yes Yes No* Yes No No No Via Web Browser
Alienware m15 R3 Yes Yes Yes Yes No* Yes No No No Via Web Browser
iPad 8th Generation --- Yes Yes Yes --- --- --- --- Yes Yes
Meta Quest 2 (Virtual Reality) --- --- --- --- --- Yes** Yes Yes --- ---

*PSI Secure Browser requires us to run the application with Administrator privileges, therefore Library Systems personnel will need to assist in starting the application for you before you take an exam.
** OMS (Oxford Medical Simulation) may be used with our VR headsets provided that you have an existing account. You will need to take a VR orientation if you wish to check out a VR headset, additionally a Laptop will be required to run OMS, which may also be checked out from the library if you did not bring your own.

Citrix Workspace allows you to use virtual desktops and applications in the cloud. If a device has Citrix Workspace installed you may access your Citrix resources after logging in to the following portal:

After that click on your application or desktop to download an .ica file

Open the .ica file and Citrix Workspace will load the virtual desktop/application for you

Zoom provides web conferencing/meetings. You may access NSU's Zoom portal here:
Both desktop application and web browser versions are available for use.

Canvas is a web-based learning management system, or LMS. It is used by learning institutions, educators, and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate about skill development and learning achievement.

Canvas Portal:

LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Used at over 2000 higher educational institutions, LockDown Browser is the “gold standard” for securing online exams in classrooms or proctored environments.

Examplify is an exam delivery and taking software from ExamSoft Worldwide Inc.

After launching the program, select the institution ID, then enter your username (usually your N# or Sharklink) and password that has been provided by your instructor. Finally you may download and take your exam. 


Examplify Version 3.4.6 is installed on all of our library laptops.

Kaltura Capture (Sharkmedia)

Oxford Medical Simulation delivers virtual reality medical simulation training - allowing healthcare professionals to practice without risking lives.

Complete Anatomy is the one stop shop for any medical student or student in allied health fields, who is searching for an all-inclusive anatomy app. Not only does this app have a detailed atlas of anatomy of every single organ system, but it also has amazing functions that argument one’s learning, like the ability to sections through tissues, animate the motions specific muscles, and specifically track nerves along complex pathways. This app also has included courses that are in-app purchases, but are very worthwhile when studying, and you know that your lecture material from school isn’t helpful.

Slash the beat of music as it comes at you in this rhythm game. This is one of the most popular games for Virtual Reality, testing your dexterity and proficiency in landing your sabers in the appropriate direction to cut through notes while avoiding obstacles.

3D Organon VR Anatomy is an interactive human anatomy application featuring all 15 body systems. You can now learn and teach anatomy with over 12,000 realistic anatomical models/structures sided with quality definitions per body structure and thousands of detailed micro anatomy structures.

Assess the sounds of a patients heart, lungs, arteries, and abdomen with a stethoscope.

Diagnose patients with an ultrasound machine to detect vascular abnormalities of various anatomical structures for various cases.