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Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library: Policies


TBRC Library serves the information needs of NSU Students, Staff, and Faculty.

The mission of NSU Libraries is to be the premier research, cultural, and lifelong learning center for NSU. In order to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment, the following policies regarding the use of the TBRC Library, its facilities, and resources can be found below.


Select a policy to learn more. Failure to comply with any of these may result in the suspension of library access, borrowing privileges, and/or legal action.

Alumni access includes the following databases. Most of the specialized, clinical, and point-of-care medical databases (e.g. UpToDate) are not available for Alumni, due to licensing restrictions set by the publishers.

New Tampa Bay Regional Campus graduates retain full TBRCLibrary access for the first 6 months after graduation before their status changes to Alumni.

After 6 months, Alumni will need to register on the Alumni Portal. Alumni must put a check mark in the box that says "Have access to select research databases."

It make take 1-2 weeks for the Alumni application to process. Alumni will receive an email notification once the application has been processed.

For more information about Alumni access, please see the HPD Alumni page.


All TBRCL materials can be checked out at the TBRC Library Front Desk. Items can be checked out using your SharkCard.

1. Loan periods for every TBRCL item is 3 hours.
2. Failure to return equipment in a timely manner may result in a hold of borrowing privileges.
3. Lost or damaged equipment may result in a fee. Tech equipment is available to all enrolled students, faculty & staff.
4. Tech equipment is to be used as a shared resource across all colleges and departments at the Tampa Bay Regional Campus.
5. Tech equipment is first-come, first-serve and cannot be reserved ahead of time.
6. Some materials from Main Campus are eligible for delivery to the address on file in My Library Account.

Abandoned Study Room Policy (effective 5-9-22)

In an effort to provide equitable access to library study rooms, the following policy is in place for "Abandoned" study rooms:

1st Time: The patron will be informed that their room has been overdue for 15+ minutes. At 30 minutes past the due date, the room will be declared "Abandoned." They will receive an email with a warning. In another 30 minutes, Security will move their belongings to Lost & Found on the 1st floor so that the room can be available for the next patron.

2 or More Times: Same as before, except that the patron will need to speak with Library Administration before being allowed to utilize the library study space again. A note may also be sent to the Dean/Director of their Program.

TBRC Library ascribes to the NSU Libraries Code of Conduct. For the TBRC Library Code of Conduct, please see the NSU Libraries Code of Conduct.

The NSU-HPD Libraries (including Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library) ascribes to the Leave No Trace Behind! principle as its policy for food and drink in the Library.

-Provide patrons with a clean, safe and healthy environment for study and research
-Preserve library materials
-Protect furnishings and equipment
-Prevent disruptions to others’ use of the Library
-Provide opportunity for patrons to consume food and drink

Help us keep a clean and comfortable Library by adhering to the following policy: Leave No Trace Behind!
-Be mindful of bringing highly aromatic food into the Library that may disturb others
-Clean up after drinks or food is consumed
-Place all trash in a trash receptacle or recycle bin
-Report accidents/spills to Library staff immediately for cleanup

Food and drinks that Leave No Trace Behind! are permitted in the:
-Library Commons Areas
-Library Study Rooms
-Library Collaboration Room

The TBRC Library provides notary services to students, faculty & staff. For assistance with notarizations, please visit the library front desk between 9am-4pm M-F. For questions about this service, please contact us at

The NSU Libraries are following the University’s guidance to protect the health and well-being of our community while continuing to support teaching, research, and learning. The Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library’s Return of the Sharks operating plan utilizes the safety protocols from the CDC, local and NSU health officials, when appropriate.
The latest University information may be found on the NSU Coronavirus information page.

NSU faculty and staff should also refer to NSU Return of the Sharks: Faculty and Staff Guidelines.

NSU students should also refer to Return of the Sharks: Student Guidelines website.

For commonly asked questions regarding service adjustments, please see the Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library's FAQ.

For commonly asked questions regarding room reservation adjustments, please see the Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library's FAQ.

As of March 2022 :

Study Rooms
-Rooms are available first-come, first-serve at the Library Front Desk.
-All library study rooms at Tampa Bay are available during library hours for group study use for three (3) hour time periods.
Rooms have a maximum capacity of either 4 (in smaller rooms) and 6 (in larger rooms)

Collaboration Room - Room 3506
-Open Study Areas are operating at limited capacity with seating arranged to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
-Furniture in the Collaboration Room has been spaced out due to social distancing guidelines.
-For any questions, please email or visit the library during library hours.

Studio Room - Room 3103
-The Studio is open to faculty by appointment only.
-On the date and time of your reservation, you must visit the TBRC Library front desk, located on the 2nd floor near the main staircase, for access.
-Cancellations can be made by following the link in your confirmation email.
-Walk-ins will be accommodated when possible.
-To save your work, bring a storage device such as a USB drive, or upload to a cloud service such as OneDrive.
-Library staff are not responsible for files that are lost or deleted from the Studio computers.
-Library Staff Assistance is available M-F 9AM-6PM.
-If you do not need assistance, and would like to use the room outside of these times, please email
-No food or drinks allowed in the room, with the exception of capped water bottles.