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#QuaranTeam: Tips and Info

Stuck at Home? Out of Ideas? Try one of these resources for adults.

Working From Home (WFH)

15 Tips To Make Working From Home A Little Better

From keeping a cardigan close by to taking a TikTok dance break, these tips may help you get through the workday.

18 Tips For Working From Home Without Losing Your Mind

Here's how to make that WFH life easier on you — and everyone around you.

Just 22 Things To Make WFH So Much Better

Work like a pro, even if you're *not* actually at the office.

30 Comfortable Work From Home Outfits That Basically Say "Yes, I'm Working"

I know I said these meetings could be emails, but I'm ready to show off my outfits.

19 Things That'll Work For You While You Work From Home

Here's to looking super present in that video call while getting other stuff done just off camera.

23 Stress-Reducing Things For Your Workspace To Help You Calm Down A Little

Whether your current workspace is a desk, a couch, a bed, or a kitchen table, you're gonna want these.


29 Easy Ways To Clean Your Space Now That You're Basically Always Home

Clever, effective ideas to help bust that boredom or satisfy your inner neat-freak.

This Is What A Microbiologist Told Us About Cleaning Our Gadgets

We're talking about a completely different type of swiping here.

23 Cleaning And Hygiene Products Clean Freaks And Germaphobes Need

"Did you know a simple sneeze or cough sends about 100,000 germs into the air at 100 miles an hour?!" — your germaphobe friend

9 Places You Can Order Household Essentials Online

Order food, cleaning supplies, and more without ever stepping outside.

Just 65 Things To Clean While You're Spending So Much Time At Home

A clean home is something we do have control over right now.


13 Of The Best Grocery Delivery Services To Use While Social Distancing

Buy only what you need, and tip well if you can.

Ina Garten’s Rules For Freezer Meals And Food Storage Are Worth Memorizing

If you're freezing food for later, remember these first.

Biologist Is Surprised To See Yeast Being Hoarded, Decides To Teach People How To Make It At Home

Never fear, as not all heroes wear capes and one such hero took to Twitter to help people manage this crisis by simply teaching them how to make yeast from things that many of us are sure to have at home.

I Make Botanically Realistic Buttercream Frosting Flowers, And You Can Too

Amongst all this uncertainty due to COVID-19, it is a window of peace.

17 Smart Food-Storage Tips For Avoiding Waste And Saving Money

Keep your groceries in tip-top shape and cut back on waste.

12 Tips And Hacks For Making Better Cookies From A Pastry Chef

AKA how to bake the ultimate cookie this holiday season.

15 Food And Cooking Cheat Sheets That Are Especially Useful Right Now

Ingredient substitutions, Instant Pot and slow cooker conversions, and essential storage hacks.

56 Things To Help Fix Dinner Problems Before They Even Start

Bon Appétit. Dinner hacks are served. 🍲🍣

17 (Legit Useful) Food Hacks That Actually Work

These are definitely worth your time.

9 Fruit Hacks For A Happier Life

Fruit: It's not just for eating.

12 Baking Hacks That We Know Are Actually Legit

Here's what's actually worth your time.

In the News

These Charts And Maps Show How Each State Is Handling The Coronavirus Crisis

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the latest data on COVID-19 deaths, testing, and policies to limit viral transmission, state by state.

Federal Student Loan Payments Will Be Suspended Through Sept. 30 Due To The Coronavirus

Lenders will have to immediately stop requiring payments and accruing interest on federally held student loans after President Trump signed the new coronavirus aid bill into law.

This Is Where To Find Unemployment Benefits Information In Your State

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unemployment claims to skyrocket across the US. Here is where to find your state’s benefits website and phone number.

Americans should cover faces when outside, CDC recommends

The new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages people, especially in areas hit hard by the spread of the coronavirus, to use rudimentary coverings like T-shirts, bandannas and non-medical masks to cover their faces while outdoors.

WhatsApp Is Imposing Stricter Limits On Forwarding Messages To Slow Down Coronavirus Misinformation

Once a message has been forwarded more than five times in total, it can now only be forwarded to one chat at a time.

These Charts And Maps Show How The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Affecting Your Nearest US City

LIVE UPDATES: The coronavirus epidemic in the US is concentrated in regional hot spots. Follow the latest data on COVID-19 deaths in cities across the country.

Ready, Afraid, And Uncertain: How The 2020 Graduating Class Of Health Care Workers Is Preparing To Fight The Coronavirus

"I know exactly what they need and I know that I could help them, but I don’t have the clearance."


How To Plague: Advice On Laid-Off Friends, Gift Cards, And Disinfectant Wipes

How to let your friends without jobs know you want to give them money, as well as questions about redeeming gift cards and antiseptic wipes.

How To Plague: Advice On Easter, Daycare, And Helping Friends With Coronavirus

How to support a friend in the hospital or at home who has tested positive for COVID-19, as well as Easter and daycare dilemmas.

How To Plague: Can I Share An Elevator With My Neighbor?

We're trying our best to answer your ethical and social dilemmas about how to live responsibly through this pandemic.

9 ~Hacks~ For Keeping Hackers Out Of Your Smart Home Devices

No, your dog's name is not a good password.

Football Player Ashley Young Shares What It’s Like Living In Quarantined Italy And Gives His Tips

It’s nice to remember, every now and then, that we’re all in this together and by sharing our experiences, we might make it just that much easier to endure these trying times.

How To Plague: How Can I Stop Feeling Angry At Everyone?

Our advice on how to deal with transferring children between co-parents, whether college seniors aren't jobs, and how to stop holding a grudge at someone who isn’t quarantining.

13 Infographs On The Do’s And Dont’s Of Social Distancing

If everyone adheres to the recommendations laid out to avoid spreading the virus and “flatten” the infection numbers on any given day, medics will have a greater chance of giving all patients the help that they need.

Woman Offers Advice To People Who Are Staying At Home With Their Spouse During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Staying behind locked doors with your significant other 24/7 may not be as idyllic as it may seem from the first glance.

Intensive Care Specialist Warns People Why The Coronavirus Is No Joke, Even If You’re Young

The global coronavirus pandemic causes more than just bodily complications and death. It is also an issue of having enough medical resources to manage the pandemic.

Here Are 15 Ways You Can Support Small And Local Businesses Right Now

Small things you can do from home that can help make a difference.