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Genealogy: Find Books

A guide to the Genealogy resources at the Alvin Sherman Library

Genealogy Collection

The Genealogy Collection is located on the fourth floor of the NSU Alvin Sherman Library. This collection was given as gift to Nova Southeastern University by the Genealogical Society of Broward County in 2007. 

Books and periodicals are identified with the following locations in NovaCat

Sherman Library Genealogy Collection. Note that items with this location are designated as LIB Use Only and cannot be checked out of the library. 

Sherman Library Genealogy Circulation Collection. These items are available to check out.

If desired, you can limit your search to both these collections in NovaCat by selecting Sherman Library Genealogy Collection as the location.

Additional material on genealogy are located in the general collection of the Alvin Sherman Library or as e-books. Use NovaCat to locate these materials.

Locating Genealogy Books

Browsing by Subject

If you want books about... Use this specific  word structure in a subject search, based on the example provided:
Birth records by locality (such as: Broward County, Florida) Registers of births, etc. – Florida – Broward County
Church records by locality (such as: Virginia) Church records and registers - Virginia
Cities or towns (such as: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) Fort Lauderdale (Fla.)
Counties (such as: Passaic County, New Jersey) Passaic County (N.J.)
Death records by locality (such as: Caddo Parish, Louisiana) Registers of births, etc. – Louisiana – Caddo Parish
Ethnic genealogy (such as: African-Americans or Germans) African Americans – Genealogy
Germany - Genealogy
Family history by surname (such as: Jones) Jones family
Genealogy in general (such as: how-to books) Genealogy
Land records by locality (such as: Kentucky) Land grants - Kentucky
Marriage records by locality (such as: Montgomery County, Illinois) Marriage records – Illinois – Montgomery County
Passenger records (such as: Irish Famine immigrants) Ships – Passenger Lists
Pension records by locality (such as: the United States) Military pensions - United States
Probate records by locality (such as: Oklahoma) Probate records – Oklahoma
Wills by locality (such as: Ireland) Wills - Ireland


Location Codes

If the location code says... The book can be found:
E-book Online; click on text “direct link to resource or other information” NOTE: You will need to have an Alvin Sherman Library card to log in.
LAW Library Shepard Broad Law Library; a separate library on the NSU campus. Public access allowed, but limited.
Sherman Library 3rd & 4th Floors. Uses the Library of Congress Classification system.
Sherman Library Genealogy Collection 4th Floor, Genealogy Collection. Uses the Library of Congress Classification system.
Sherman Library Microfilm/Microfiche 2nd Floor
Sherman Library Reference 2nd Floor

Status Codes

If the status code says... You can:
Available Check the book out with an Alvin Sherman Library card.
Due xx-xx-2021 NOT check out the book. It is already checked-out to another patron.
LIB Use Only NOT check out the book. This book does not circulate and can only be used in the Library.